• Ilios HD Complete Kit

    Get the best equipment for your application with an affordable price. Begin building mechanically accurate and highly detailed objects in no time.

    The Ilios HD Kit was initially designed for mechanical applications, where precision and reliability matters the most. In its assembled form it can produce stunning results with the help from its highly accurate motion construction and electronics. The Ilios project utilizes the technique of Stereo-lithography or SLA as it is commonly known. The build uses photo reactive resin, which is cured when light is projected on it. The lifting platform, lifts each layer of the model and finalizes with a complete product at the end of the build. One of the benefits this technique has is the highly detailed result, which simply cannot be matched by machines that use plastic extrusion methods. Additionally there is a large selection of materials that can be used, which simulate results such as ABS, Rubber and many others, combined with a color mixture of your choice, in both Opaque and Translucent options.

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    Selectable Projection Mounts
    Large & Versatile Build Area
  • Get the material you need

    Choose from a variety of resins to fit your needs, starting from a flexible result and finishing with the rock solid one.

    The resins we provide are well suited for those who want to get started with printing through an affordable product without necessitating specific performances of their final builds. The resins are also ideal for printer setups needing large vats, for which reason a low viscosity is a key factor. With fast curing times and highly detailed result, you really have to try it out for your self to realize that this is what you need. The OSRC system enclosure parts are made through the same resins and built with the help of the Ilios HD Kit.

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    Multiple colors and properties
    Choose from a variety of colors and types
  • DLP Projectors for all applications

    Select the projector that suits you best, with an already modified internals for the Ilios HD Kit.

    The right DLP projector may make all the difference between a good model and a bad one. You don't need to spend a fortune on something you won't really need. Selecting the machine with the specifications that suit you best, although can be tricky, is one of the most important steps when learning about 3D printing. The projectors we provide are already modified for the Ilios HD Kit and no meddling is required on your part. Simply choose the appropriate solution and begin building parts right away.

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    Already modified for 3D printing

    All DLP projectors in the shop have been modified for 3D printing. All necessary alterations like the color wheel, lens focus adjustment for closer projections and others, have already been made for you. All you need to do is decide what you want to make and start making it a reality!


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