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Recent blog posts

Posted by on in Gizmos

Every time we set out to design and build a new Gizmo, may it be based on a member's wish or our own idea, we go through many stages when documenting all work that has been done. Descriptions, documentations, source files, images, videos and many other types of data are uploaded and shared through out our site. Some times it becomes hard to track down everything related to a particular gizmo, especially if you are new to our website and just didn't yet get the hang of it. For this and many other reasons we have created this section, where you can see in a glance what we have done in the past and find links as well as any other relevant information with ease.

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Posted by on in Gizmos
Here we shall explain each Gizmo that is created for the EEG Gizmo Kit and describe the features and capabilities of each one. This actually is only one part of the entire project and is the initial device which converts the Analog signals to Digital and there is some more work to be do to actually have a complete EEG System.
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Posted by on in Gizmos

There are many aspects of the Sensor reader Gizmo and here we shall explain what they are and how to best understand the operation of the device and it's software. Many sensors are available in the market with different protocols and implementations. This is a description where some of the possible aspects are described for future development as well as for current implementation.

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Posted by on in Gizmos
We shall break down the entire PCB into smaller sections and explain each one as shown on the image below. There aren't many parts on this Gizmo, however it is best to read through this to understand better how the device functions and what parts it consists of.
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Posted by on in Gizmos
More and more we want to control things with our mind instead of just pressing buttons or making sound and gestures for something to happen. This project is especially aimed for this sort of applications.

Before we begin explaining the various parts of this projects and the Gizmos made by us for it, we firstly have to explain what EEG actually stands for and how it is used.
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Posted by on in Gizmos
It is only natural that at one point or another people that work or experiment with electronics might want to work on something more advanced. Something like Gumstix. We made allot of projects with Gumstix Platforms and tried out most of the expansion PCB's they have. But sometimes you just want to have it all in One.
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Posted by on in Tutorials

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There are many programs for making Schematic designs and PCB layouts. They all have something different and many people have compared them in the past and are still comparing them. We have worked in the past with the best programs for designing PCB's and schematics and surprisingly KiCad is (by our opinion) the closest thing to a professional software. There are many reasons on why we think so but when it comes to fast prototyping and error management as well as Layered design then even among Commercially affordable software there are very few that do the job as we would like them to. Also KiCad is free and Open Source, that makes us like it even more. 

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Posted by on in General

We get allot of questions from our members and other forums about electronic design and the work-flow we follow when making a Gizmo come to life. One of these questions caught our attention for making this Blog entry. The question was: Hi, I am new to embedded development and your site has been of great help to me. I had a query regarding the way device are made from Scratch to Finish. I am going to take the example of Flow 1.0 or 1.5.  I wanted to know, your initial designs and spec say that the phone will have XYZ features. After it is decided that you are going to use Gumstix for your project, what is the procedure after that? As far as I can understand after selecting all the features, you sit through the data sheets of each component used in the project and work out the schematic layout using KiCad or eagle CAD. I wanted to know after you have decided the interfaces like blue-tooth,WiFi ,sensors, how do you simulate your circuit? Is there any software or tool you use to determine the behavior or is it just trial and error system. It would be great if you could guide me through the process of the design, after the device specifications.

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