OSRC on IndieGoGo

by Demetris Zavorotnitsienko

Just seems like a real shame to let OSRC go without a fight, after so much work and effort. I will attempt to create one last campaign for OSRC on IndieGoGo to try and collect the funds for production. There are over 1300 likes on the Facebook page so with a 10 EU commitment it should be enough to make a really small batch to begin selling the system.

What i can promise is that the final product shall not look anything like the prototype, will be built completely through 3D printing and affordable materials and will be affordable as a basic Modular setup under the 400 EU mark or close to it, which will give you the basic remote control features along with the framework to upgrade for something more advanced in the future.

The design shall be constructed in such a way so that anyone can build through 3D printing and electronics their own version or add components to the existing system. Naturally all new designs shall be posted on the site which shall be redone specifically for OSRC.

The OSRC project has been very dear to me and truly a complex design in its nature. I've been hoping to get the funds from Ilios 3D printer sales to begin making it but unfortunately in these times it turned out harder than i thought.

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